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Thread: Thinking about going iPhone, should I get unlocked or through Tmobile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CallmeJake View Post
    Best Buy for the iPhone 7 models only carried the Qualcomm model which was sold to AT&T and T Mobile customers. The iPhone will lock to the activation carrier unless activated with a Verizon SIM even if you pay the full upfront cost.

    Last year in another forum, some one was asking for help since their iPhone 7 bought from Best Buy locked to RingPlus.
    I ordered the unlocked iPhone 8 from Apple to use on T-mobile. My earpiece audio was terribly distorted on phone calls. No solution from Care. Returned it. Got the model from Best Buy and activated it with a plug VZ SIM. Had the same audio distortion. Returned it. Might try the Intel model to see if that works out. Otherwise no iPhone 8 I guess.
    Oh, the audio problem was not the same as the crackling that has been reported.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seezar View Post
    So is the only place to buy an unlocked iPhone directly through Apple?
    I bought my Iphone (6S) last year from Target. An unlocked Verizon phone. Worked fine on T-mobile prepaid and I'm now using it on T-mobile one 55+. There was a rare cartwheel savings along with the usual %5 red card discount.

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