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Thread: Verizon Customer in Calgary- phone will not register

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    Verizon Customer in Calgary- phone will not register

    Hi there,

    I am Verizon customer in Calgary.

    My HTC LTE incredible gets no service (CDMA/LTE) CDMA was turned off anyway in Calgary

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy, telus branded, it was unlocked it does Show TELUS TELUS BELL in the carrier list but when i click register it does not register on the network
    My SIM is active with verizon (LTE)

    I bought another Huawii unlocked phone and same results.

    Any suggestions?

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    Might be worth trying to activate the Phones in the states with the Sim first? That way we could rule out Canadian Roaming as being an issue.

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    They are likely not compatible with Verizon so therefore will not register in Verizon’s system.

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    I remember seeing a caveat in Verizon's TravelPass international roaming page that a data session must be established on their US native network to create a profile on their systems before international usage. Also Verizon's SIM cards have multiple profiles including a CSIM (CSIM), ISIM (LTE SIM) and USIM (UMTS SIM for roaming). It may only work in a Verizon branded phone or a phone that Verizon carries with their carrier profile (e.g. iPhone/Pixel) and not any generic GSM phone...

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