(First post)

Hello all,

First some history ..

I'm new here and I have a few questions about an old Nokia tracfone. Some years ago when my parents were still living, I purchased an American tracfone and a 1 year service card. I think it come with 400 minutes, but I'm not sure. I only used it in emergency situations. I had to use trickery to get the phone to work in Canada. I live in Canada, so why did I buy an American tracfone? I live on the border and my friend told be it would work in Canada, he just didn't (at the time) tell me how. Anyway, year after year I would buy a year service card (coupon bonus codes) and almost never used the phone. Sometimes I would be cut off and the last time I was told to never use it in Canada again, or I would be shut off indefinitely. My old phone is the Nokia 2126 and I have had it since the Nineties. Over the years I've managed to accumulate over 8000 minutes.

The rest of the story ..

It still works and is service is good until September 2018. I would like to upgrade the old Nokia and go with a more modern tracfone. (Smartphone like) Trouble is the services for tracfones seem to be dying in the area my tracfone works in. (Mostly - 04652- Lubec, Washington, Maine) Occasionally - 04654, 04628, 04671, 04667, 04666, 04631.

I go to the tracfone site and search for phones using Lubec's zip code, I only get offered 3 phones to pick from. The LG Rebel 2, LG REBEL™ LTE (L43AL) and the LG Destiny. I think the Destiny is probably the best of the 3, but I'm not sure. I'm not even sure if the tracfone would work in (04652) area. I've been told that some tracfones have stopped working in some places. I no longer use the phone in Canada, because I don't want to be cut off and lose all those minutes. They allow (one-way) International calling, like to Canada from USA, but not vise-versa. I've heard that service is almost nonexistent in the Lubec (04652) area for tracfones.

I know a lot of people who are buying American phones and international plans for about $60.00 a month US. That is about $80.00 Can. Once they get away from American towers, they lose the service. I don't think this includes a data package. Some people have several phones with various plans. All that is overkill for me. The Canadian coverage is ok, but not great in the local area. There is a new tower in the area, but I can't take advantage of it, because my phone is American. So, I almost need two phones. I think it would be nice to have a tracfone that has wifi, some decent apps, a fairly good camera and so on. My friends tell me to get one with lots of memory and cpu power, because they made the mistake of not getting enough of either.

Questions ..

I'm not sure what phone will work for what areas? The LG Destiny may be an ok phone, I don't know? I've been looking at tracfones on amazon and I'm not sure if they'll work in the area .. like those 3 offered on the tracfone site? I've never owned another tracfone and/or smartphone. I wish I could sell the old Nokia and all the minutes. What to do? Spend a couple hundred on a new decent tracfone and toss the old Nokia? A lady told me not to get a low memory phone that you have to keep unloading your app in order to load another. Would I have to keep doing that with the - LG Destiny?

Old Nokia - 8000 minutes - No Wifi - No Apps. Everyone keeps saying - You need to upgrade and I agree.

What to get / do?