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Thread: Classic Bait and Switch

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    Classic Bait and Switch

    I activated a new $30 plan in mid Sept, during which H2O website clearly advertised 3 GB data was included, but when it renewed on autopay, I only received 2 Gb of data. Nowhere did I see on their website saying that I would receive a lower data amount after that first month. There was a small "1" footnote, but nothing in the footnote to indicate a reduced data in subsequent months. So I called and they confirmed that now the 2nd month of service goes to 2Gb of data. They need to make this fact much more clear on their front page and plans page. I know people who signed up long ago and are still receiving their 3Gb of data for $27/mo on autopay. How does a company go DOWN on data allotments while everyone is going up? I'm guessing a few like me will exit when they realize the bait and switch.

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    The fine print states that the promotion ended Sept 30th.

    I only received 2 Gb after the initial promotion earlier this year once that promotion ended, so assume no one else did either.

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    "Nowhere"? It said it in the footnotes/disclaimers. It's a promo deal, and now it's over.

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