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Thread: Peru and Ecuador Roaming--Anyone use "knowroaming?" Or other suggestions?

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    Peru and Ecuador Roaming--Anyone use "knowroaming?" Or other suggestions?

    Daughter-unit is going to Ecuador in December, and daughter-unit and spousal-unit going to Peru next June.

    They are not the types to go looking for local SIM cards when they arrive--whatever they use I will have to get for them prior to them leaving and show them how to use it.

    Truphone is pretty expensive for South America so even though I have one of their SIM cards (currently in a Lojack-type device) I won't use Truphone for this trip.

    I see "Knowroaming" and wonder if anyone has used it.

    Knowroaming for Peru and Ecuador
    Outgoing: $0.38 per min $0.25 per SMS
    Incoming: $0.35 per min Free per SMS
    Data: $200/GB
    SIM Card: $5 (with promo code ROAM90) with $0 credit, $25 minimum amount you can add, so $30 startup cost. $7 with a $5 credit included, i.e. PARBA73, which would probably be sufficient because of the free Whatsapp usage

    We are not big talkers, it's really just for ICE. So buying a local SIM card is probably uneconomical. She is going on a backpack trip in Ecuador so it's really for the beginning and end of the trip where she can charge the phone, since she's a purist and would not have it on during the backpack trip. For Peru they are climbing to Machu Pichu and they'll probably have coverage the whole way.

    But does it work? I had a Maxroam SIM card earlier this year and it was worthless, not working in most of Europe, while the Truphone card worked flawlessly.

    For comparison, Truphone rates are as follows:

    Truphone for Peru and Ecuador
    Outgoing: $1.15 per min $0.55 per SMS
    Incoming: $1.05 per min Free per SMS
    Data: $9000/GB
    SIM Card: $30 with $15 credit
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    My daughter (college student) went to Ecuador last year and she was easily able to purchase local SIM cards that worked on an unlocked GSM phone (Moto E) when she was there. Reasonable prices and fairly reliable. We were almost never out of touch for a month. We did use Whatsapp quite a bit, and it worked quite well. I couldn't tell you what services she used. She bought SIM cards at the airport, bus stations, and pharmacies. Typically, I recommend walking up to the first booth you see at the airport and signing up because they are bound to speak good English at the airport and are used to foreigners not knowing what to do. Plus, the cost of being at the airport means they are probably a legit business and would get kicked out pretty quick if they were not. You might not get the absolute rock-bottom price, but outside the USA phone service is so much cheaper than we are used to it really doesn't matter to most of us. I did this in Australia and got 8GB and unlimited calling for about $30 for a month. I think my daughter in Ecuador was paying like $5 per week for service that was all she needed.

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    So I got the Knowroaming SIM cards, $7 with a $5 credit. I went to set up Whatsapp since they don't charge for data when using Whatsapp.

    For some reason I could not receive the verification SMS so I called Knowroaming and the support person told me that "texting is under development." Huh? She said that they had it but they took it down, and she did not know when it would be available again. I asked "is it hours, weeks, or months?" and she said "weeks."

    Then I was told that the $5 credit is for only one of the three SIM cards--to get it on each one I would have had to place three separate orders, which would have been fine since it's free shipping. But they told me that if I shared their site on Facebook and Twitter that I'd get two more voucher codes, and they did provide them.
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