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    Sprint iPhone 4 on Verizon Network

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use a Sprint iPhone 4 (no SIM slot) on Verizon? I don't mind jailbreaking if need be but I've read so much conflicting information that I can't tell if it's possible.

    The first VZW rep I spoke with told me to switch my phone on their website and the site did accept the iPhone 4 and said it was active on my line in their system. However when I tried to dial *228 to complete the setup I was told that I was not authorized to make the call. Then a second rep told me that since it was a Sprint iPhone 4 it would not work on their network.

    I read in another post on this forum, "You just have to change the SPC to six zeros (000000), and use a Verizon Carrier Bundle instead of Sprint (requires jailbreaking)" however I can't find any information on SPC or a Verizon Carrier Bundle beyond that.

    Thanks so much!

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    from what i found, sadly the answer is no. see here -

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    Quote Originally Posted by october262 View Post
    from what i found, sadly the answer is no. see here -
    This article refers to the iPhone 4s, not iPhone 4 (CDMA)
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    EDIT: Got it to work, edited original post with directions

    EDIT2: Can't edit first post, here are directions:


    Personal note from me: For step 2, the CC iOS 7patch from that repo did not work. Maybe that's why this whole thing didn't work for me the first go around. I used the one from repo (dot) hackyouriphone (dot) org which has a similar name but was in fact different. Also used Pangu JB but doubt that matters

    -The latest Evasi0n7 1.0.4 (download at
    -Winscp (download at and install or use portable)
    -PagePlus Bundle (Download

    - (thankyou @payne3d) **This repo has the newest CommCenter think that comes to solve the problem of many with the lag issues.

    1. Jailbreaking your device with Evasion7 1.0.4 (plug an play)
    2. Go to Cydia ->Source ->Edit ->Add and type then touch Add Source
    3. Install the New "CommCenter patch for iOS7" (perform a respring)
    4. Install the tweak "OpenSSH"
    5. Open Winscp then rooting your iPhone (how do I connect to my iPhone
    6. Navigate to root\system\library\Carrier Bundles\iPhone
    7. Delete all contents in the Sprint_US folder only
    8. Put all files from the Page Plus Bundle (8 total) into the Sprint_US folder
    9. Reboot the phone
    10. Wait for the signal
    11. Go to Settings ->Cellular ->Cellular data off
    13. Activate through Page Plus Dial *22800 or *228 or*22801 or *22891 or *22890 and wait for the phone to program
    14. Go back to settings -> Cellular ->Cellular data on ->Roaming ->Data On
    16. Place a test call to activate the line
    17. Test data

    Voice and 3G data works just fine, only thing is that the carrier in the top left corner now says Cricket, but idc.
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