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Thread: Legacy Gold Rewards roaming Canada $1.79!

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    Legacy Gold Rewards roaming Canada $1.79!

    I take a road trip around Labor Day every year to the Toronto area. Roam on Rogers just fine. In the past .59 a minute; high, but I could live with it for quick calls and convenience.

    This year I went up. As soon as phone registered got a text stating welcome to Canada-roaming $1.79 a minute! I'm glad I have the option for service but am sorry to see the rate jacked up.

    Brevity rules on calls!

    Also, I have an iPad with the 200mb free (I'm cheap.) It roamed fine in Canada. Quite pleased. Sorry this program is discontinued for new tablets.

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    Wow. That's quite a rate! That's not a currency conversion by any chance, is it? Sounds like what people paid back in the '80s!

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