I put my H20 sim in an AT&T Alcatel Ideal & the operator settings never came through so i created an H20 APN profile manually & it fixed the phone's problem with sending & receiving mms messages. It also was able to open a data port to send & receive mms messages even though mobile data was switched off. The only complaint is that the phone's stock texting app doesn't have a menu option to add a subject line which would convert a short text into a long mms text.

Also, i tried to verify the H20 tel# with Google Hangouts while the sim was in the Ideal since the flip the sim is usually in doesn't have Google Hangouts capability. Though i could send & receive texts on the Ideal, the verification text never came. Resent & no luck. Only thing i could figure is that i need to sign into Google or Gmail on the Ideal while the H20 sim is in it & maybe thats the key. Then Hangouts would recognize the H20 tel#. I've been using Gmail & Hangouts on the Ideal already but without the H20 sim in it.