I was wondering if anyone has traveled outside the United States using the Verizon version of the Note 8 *and* was able to receive LTE service in the country they were visiting? I went on the verizon trip planner site, and was surprised to find that when I entered just about any country that LTE service was listed as not available.

I wasn't sure if this limitation was imposed by Verizon only when roaming on a Verizon sim or if the hardware of the phone simply have the bands needed. I reached out to Verizon and Samsung and got different responses, one Verizon rep said that indeed the phone will not receive LTE outside the U.S. while another said that the website was wrong and that it would.

When I reached out to Samsung, I had the same experience. The first rep said that the lack of LTE service was a carrier limitation while another said that replacing the Verizon sim in the phone would allow me to have LTE.

I'm thinking about traveling to Mexico, Italy or Greece and it would nice to have the fastest service available and I may have to switch phones if I'm hobbled like this on such a pricey phone. If anyone has any experience traveling with this version please let me know. Thanks!