Hey all,

In the event someone is actually checking this sub forum, I thought I'd try to get some input

We're in the process of building a house and our only internet solution will be via Eastlink (Bell was too lame and didn't want to wire us for FibreOP). So since we'll be getting our home bundle through Eastlink. I was considering switching cell service from Rogers to Eastlink and getting it all bundled together for one easy bill. Eastlink is also paying out $200 per cell # ported over so that'll nullify the 1 year term left on my wife's phone.

For any current or former Eastlink customers:

-How was the overall wireless signal around the Maritimes? We're in Halifax and venture around NS mostly, a few trips to NB and PEI that's about it

-Keeping with the wireless signal, was it mainly LTE speeds around urban areas?

-How was customer support interaction? So far they've been very fair over the phone but it could just be due to them trying to win over my business (they don't know that I basically have no choice haha)

Any additional input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance