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    How does Apple update iOS?

    On the Apple website there are options to buy 5 different CPU+co-processor options: A11 + M11, A10X + M10, A10 + M10, etc. Besides that, there are other Apple CPUs in older devices not really "current", but millions are using those devices..

    When Apple updates iOS with a completely new iteration, do all the devices receive the same iOS 11, or iOS 11.x.x?

    How can the operating system distinguish among the many different CPUs?

    Any and all insight is appreciated.

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    All devices that can run a version of iOS receive the same version.

    All iPhones 5s and newer can run iOS 11.

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    Yeah, there's some customization Apple does for different devices-sometimes some older devices have some settings dialed down or whatever, but it's all the same OS if it's supported, and basically from the year Apple releases a new CPU/GPU, they support that CPU/GPU for another 5 years, typically.

    I like iOS better anyway, and there's MULTIPLE reasons I'd be picking it over Android regardless, but even if this were the only reason, I'd be buying iOS because it actually gets security updates, and gets them for 5 years from the initial release, versus 99% of Android devices that are insecure when you buy them, and never get timely updates if they get them at all. (If you must have Android, make sure it's a Pixel from Google, and then we don't know how long Google's going to support it for.)

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