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Thread: All Incoming Calls Go to Voice Mail after phone Restart

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    Cool All Incoming Calls Go to Voice Mail after phone Restart

    I have an S7 Edge SM-G935V that is a BYOF to TracFone. It is running software version G935VVRU4BQH4. Every time that I reboot the phone the lock screen status bar shows "Searching for Network" and all incoming call go straight to voice mail and no Voicemail notification comes up on the status bar. The phone will find the Verizon network when I make a call, perform a *73 or *86. Back at the lock screen it then shows Verizon Network. Now it appears everything is working as to the phone app.

    TracFone states that my account is set up correctly and that because I have a BYOP to TracFone that there is no guarantees that all of the functions will work. I believe that this is a basic function and it should work. They also sent me a new SIM card which did not fix the problem.

    I found a tread on the internet that describes the same problem using the same model phone but on a different "Pay-As-You-Go" provider. The thread goes further stating that if you roll back to Android 6 the problem goes away. However there are advantages in using A7 over A6 on the S7 Edge.

    I like to turn off my phone at night but have been using a work around in scheduling the "Do Not Disturb" function. I have talked to Verizon and they state that they see the phone on there network and that I have 5 towers 5 miles radius to my res. Signal is good. Also this phone is less that a year old and has been sent back to Samsung for inspection. Nothing found. However they cannot check network functions in that they are not a provider as they stated to me.

    TracFone sells an S7 with TracFone front end software loaded on top of Android 6. I asked when TracFone would be upgrading to Android 7 and their response was not sure when.

    Does anyone know of a fix? I am sure there are others that have this problem but may not be aware of it yet.!

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    I have the same model phone, with the same issue, since the Nougat update. I have to make a call after each restart in order to clear the "searching for service" and get back to "Verizon wireless ".

    There was another thread about this on the Howard forums general prepaid forum. As I recall, the OP of that thread said that even a factory reset didn't solve the problem.

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    I had problems with some handsets and firmware versions over the years on an MVNO as well. I don't know that incoming calls would go to voicemail, as I always watched the provider listing after a restart -- it either eventually got corrected within minutes with no interaction, or got corrected when I initiated an action like a call or text. I suspect that Android has some obscure weakness in either how it handles MVNO entries, or something is sometimes done incorrectly when setting up the database as shipped.

    Either way, you have a known workaround, you've used all official channels that might result in a defect report getting to the right people, and living with it is the best solution. I would not consider this to be a deal-breaker if the handset and network service are otherwise good. Frankly, I'd just silence the handset at night and limit restarts to occasions when you know that you have a few minutes to do the workaround, perhaps monthly.

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