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Thread: Have paid for premium; no ads on Desktop version but still present in Mobile view?!

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    Angry Have paid for premium; no ads on Desktop version but still present in Mobile view?!

    Why?; and fix it!

    Further testing seems to indicate the session cookie is NOT shared between the mobile and desktop views, and that the functionality I use is NOT available in the mobile view and the damn views keep changing back and forth when I try to do different things on the site.

    Fix it to where the session is saved between view types ; change it to where I don't pop out of Desktop view when going to a page like the attachment manager because it WON'T work as a Mobile page.

    If stupid mobile formatting actually allowed me to zoom images AND HAD FEATURE PARITY I wouldn't have to use Desktop View on my phone; and no, I don't want to use the vcrappybulletin mobile app either...

    AND, due to VERYCRAPPPYBULLETIN functionsal stupidity, I had to hook up my MOUSE to a USB-OTG adapter just to properly modify the attachments in this post. WTF.
    Attachment 154841Attachment 154840Attachment 154842Attachment 154843Name:  Screenshot_20171029-155513.png
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    The ads we might be able to do something about and I have asked Howard to look into it. The feature differences between the desktop and mobile views are limitations of the software that we have no control over, which is why we offer a branded version of the Tapatalk-based mobile app:

    Stand by...
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