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Living in Hawaii, we enjoy vacationing in the Pacific due to the proximity to our island and our love for the tropics. One of the places we like to go is Christmas Island, Republic of Kiribati. I was excited to hear about LTE being launched in parts of Kiribati and got a local SIM card prior to arrival.

Being a remote island with little infrastructure, I didn’t expect much from the “new network” launched by ATHKL. What I got was even worse.

Only prepaid plans are available. You buy a card for $5 or $10 AUS and replenish it when you’ve used your allotment. What they don’t mention is if you don’t enter a special code (which isn’t mentioned anywhere), your data “disappears” after 10MB. So instead of 500MB for $4, you only get 10MB. After wasting about $40 on prepaid cards, I finally found this out from the person running the bungalow we stayed at.

After figuring that out, I figured out that the network is atrocious. There is no LTE (it’s only on one tower on the main island). There are two towers on Christmas Island, Kiribati. Standing right next to the towers I still couldn’t get a speed test to run. Full bars of “3G” and even Google struggled to load. Finally, I did get a speed test to run at the tower next to the airport. EDGE was even more useless; it would just say I wasn’t connected to the internet.

What was even more strange was that unless I had full bars, 3G just wouldn’t work. It would say two bars and it was just like no service. Even calls wouldn’t go through.

Anyway, I don’t say all of this to simply vent at ATHKL. It’s a third world country with third world cell service and I’m not totally surprised. But I’m comparing it even to Sprint, we’ll, there’s no comparison. So as much as we like to complain about coverage and other issues, all 4 of the US carriers are WAY ahead of providers like this. I was pretty ecstatic to get back to the US and be able to actually use my phone again. T-Mobile seems even faster now lol. Name:  ImageUploadedByHoFo1509601977.292538.jpg
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