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Thread: Trip in New York

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    Trip in New York

    Hi. I'm planning to have a vacation in New York during winter, what art places and events can you recommend me to visit? My the biggest interest is concerts, art festivals and exhibitions, also theatrical performances. I would be also really glad for useful links with schedules for such events and possible services for buying tickets because in my case it's better to get them in advance. The dates aren't important because I can change them according to the dates of certain events, the main thing for me is that they'll be in winter.

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    Not really events but worth a visit. Museum of sex. Museum of moving images.

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    What certain genres/things do you like in this case? If the certain band isn't important for you, you can simply watch in net the schedules for concerts during winter. It's really hard to name all of them, we have such gigs very often here, for example I know that during this winter there'll be concerts of Rapsody, Kryder, The Effects, Teemonee and that's only a beginning of a really long list
    I also agree with the previous response, museums can be a good idea too, they're open almost always and there can be interesting exhibitions rather often, I can recommend you to look here for examples, personally I am definetely going to Jim Henson's exhibition
    And I think that in case of trips to New York Broadway shows are must, for example you can watch "Hamilton" live, it'll be on stage till the end of the next year, also "The Pantom of the Opera", "Waitress" and many others.
    Here also you can look for theatre plays, I need to mention that for all these events it's better to buy tickets in advance because for the popular events there'll definetely be huge lines or on your dates all of them can be sold. Personally I in my trips to other cities simply bought tickets online, that was much easier and more convinient.

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