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Thread: Milking unlocking fees to the end.

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    Milking unlocking fees to the end.

    After about 15 years with Fido I left for Freedom Mobile about a month back. Since I had a legacy 6gig plan I didn't do it without much thought, however in the end the unlimited nature of the Freedom plans along with more gigs, and the fact that I was pleasantly surprised With the quality of their network now, I finally pulled the trigger and ported out. As I live on the road for work, I was regularly going over the six gig allotment and the overage fees were pissing me off to no end, and retentions really couldn't offer me anything even remotely price competitive with more gigs despite much trying.

    Anyhow, as I had a legacy plan I still had quite a few Fido dollars on my account, and since it was a use it or lose it type situation I decided to just get whatever handset would use up the most of them – that ended up being the ZTE flip phone – I thought if nothing else I could keep it for a glove box emergency phone, or maybe flip it for $20 on Kijiji.

    Again, it was better than just flushing the Fido dollars down the toilet.

    The phone arrived and a few days ago I put a friends Bell SIM in it to test it out...
    And low and behold I discovered it was locked.

    Seriously? A $60 flip phone, locked?

    So I called customer service to request an unlock – I was irked that they would lock a $60 phone to begin with, much less one that was paid for outright.

    And I guess I shouldn't be surprised when they demanded $50 to unlock it. No amount of politely speaking logic to the customer service rep could get them to change their mind despite the fact that the phone was neither bought on contract, nor with any subsidy. They demanded their $50 to unlock a $60 feature flip phone.

    Needless to say I refused to pay it and asked for a supervisor, which after about another 20 minute discussion debating the logic of it all (It seemed patently crazy to me, heck, they are shipping out $1000+ Smart phones unlocked now!), I convinced them to finally waive the fee, and I got the code at no charge.

    Anyhow, I just thought of another great example of why people hate the big 3 cellphone carriers.

    Goodbye, Fido/Rogers, don't let the door hit you in the *** on the way out.
    HoFo'er for 12 years and counting.

    Quality, Not Quantity.

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    No way here in Scarborough, freedom mobile is very poor, lots of dropped calls, sound lagging bla bla bla. I am happy with Fido's offer of additional 2gb.

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