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Thread: Samsung J3 Luna Pro (TracFone) won't notify

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    Unhappy Samsung J3 Luna Pro (TracFone) won't notify

    The only time my Samsung J3 Luna Pro will notify of a text (SMS) is on the first text from a contact. After that it will not notify again for the same conversation. So, that leaves me with my phone in my hand, staring at the screen to make sure I know when the next text gets there. If I text one of my contacts, then their reply will not trigger a notification either. The phone is only a few months old and it's been like this since I got it. Unfortunately, you can't walk up to a TracFone helpdesk anywhere.

    I have visited several sites and checked all the settings and it is still the same. I did install a notification reminder app (like someone here suggested), but I'm not sure if that works yet. And, I don't know if a notification reminder app is the same as a notification app. New to all this stuff!

    Any TracFone experts out there who can help?

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    You need to contact tracfone carrier customer support as soon as possible.

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