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Thread: Data reset is gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksurfer View Post
    It will be interesting to see what's next. Will they raise prices after the new year? How will the repeal of net neutrality affect us?
    It's been a wild ride in 2017....looking forward to a great 2018!
    You mean to like the prices before February 2015? I'm tired of hearing about this whole net neutrality garbage. Give me back the Al Gore internet of the last 25 years where it was supposedly the wild west.

    WEIRDLY Opera the web browser thinks the word "internet" should be a proper noun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by punisherbv View Post
    Does this trick still work? If so 25 for 2 gigs is a great deal!
    It worked for me last month. I was able to downgrade immediatey instead of having to wait until next billing cycle.

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