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Thread: LG L62VL ..Opinions of this phone please!

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    LG L62VL ..Opinions of this phone please!

    I just got my first Android phone the LG L62VL. Up until recently I was using an LG 305C non android, on the Tracfone network, which outside of the going online advantages, was a pretty good phone! So I am puzzled by the seemingly low quality of this new android phone, the sound quality is not Great! short battery life! and using it Bluetooth in my car the 305C was loud and clear, whereas with the new LG 62VL I have to turn the radio volume up to full blast to hear the person! I know this is a cheap phone, but so is the 305C! My main concerns with any phone are Good Photo Quality and Good Audio, ..would anyone have any opinions on what type of phones, up to the $200 range, might do the job better then this one.
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