Overview of Koodo Alcatel PIXI 3 (4027A) cell phone

You can't really compare the Alcatel OneTouch PIXI 3 (4.0) to, say, an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6, because they're playing in entirely different price spaces -- and it's probably not that valuable to point out that the entry level price of either Samsung or Apple's premium handsets would buy you sixteen PIXI 3 handsets with a little change to spare, although it's a fun mental calculation to make.

That's not to say that the PIXI 3 (4.0) occupies an entirely unique niche in the Australian mobile smartphone space, however; there's any number of specific budget handsets, often tied to a specific carrier that sit around the $100 or thereabouts price barrier. In the case of the PIXI 3 (4.0), it's an Optus-specific handset, something it reminds you of each and every time you start it up.

Physically, the PIXI 3 (4.0) measures in at 121.6x64.4x11.6mm (HWD) with a carrying weight of 113g. Style isn't a huge consideration at this price point, although the PIXI 3 (4.0) does come in nine different colour hues, so it can be quite eye catching. Our review sample was the plain black model, which, aside from the embedded PIXI logo on the back, could practically have been the stock photo for any generic Android handset over the past few years. There's nothing offensive here in design terms, but equally there's very little that really stands out.

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How to unlock Alcatel PIXI 3 (OT-4027A) smartphone

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How to unlock Alcatel PIXI3 for free