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Thread: BoostUP - Phone Financing

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    Quote Originally Posted by vmobi View Post
    Sprint Prepaid is BoostM is SPG...
    I'm aware, lol, what's that have to do with anything I said? Sprint prepaid and boost mobile offer different things. Sprint prepaid directly copied TMobile prepaid in that after 12 on time payments you are eligble for a Sprint postpaid account, with phone financing. Boost is offering after 12 payments you can finance a device, but stay on boost mobile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny_Duck View Post
    For clarification....You can pay full price for the phone on Xfinity Mobile. He also may have gotten in on the $1 LG Power deal they had a while ago....I'm not too sure if that was a rebate or not.

    But I agree with all your points. It's better to do a 0% loan that and use your money to get some back. I personally don't like monthly payments so I try to stay away from them. It's also a way for carriers to keep you in contract so that's another downside imo. But it's great you can pay it off whenever you want.

    When I went shopping for Boost about a week and a half ago they told me for financing a credit check would be required. I'd think if you could pass a credit check for a $1000 iPhone then you'd maybe probably go to a stronger carrier than Boost and get a deal on one. But I could be wrong.
    The person that said a credit check is required doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I did the Boost Up for both my wife and daughter for the Samsung S8 and although it asked for all my info online including my SS# it did not affect my credit at all. I have a Credit monitor that emails me anytime a credit check is done and I never received an email. Boost uses that info in case you cancel and don’t pay for the phone, then they’ll report it to the credit bureau.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksych1 View Post
    Works the exact same way it works for TMobile. After 12 months of on time payments you're eligible for phone financing. If you don't like it and think it's dumb, don't finance a device. I am curious though, you claimed in a post on the Verizon board you use Xfinity mobile, Xfinity doesn't offer BYOD so the only way to use them is to finance a device through Xfinity. So either you lied with what carrier you use or you think something you are doing has no purpose. Either one doesn't make any sense.
    You know you can pay full price right? I paid $1 for the X Charge. Nice try again.

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