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Thread: How much additional data will use use with un limited plan? Probably not much.

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    How much additional data will use use with un limited plan? Probably not much.


    Personally, I probably wouldn't use a lot more than currently with the basic 4/5 plan, except when traveling or if one plans on streaming to their phones.
    This new 5 for 125 appears to be a winner and has made all this hand wringing about the old 5 for $100 seem sort of moot, assuming the lower speed isn't too bad, but you'll pay a little more regardless.

    The best thing with the old arrangement, was the ease of changing to ul for a few days when needed, but I could never justify it on a permanent basis, especially had the included data was raised from what 2gb to 5 in less than 2 years.

    Jmo but cricket's number crunchers have ran their spread charts and have found a couple of ways to get another $5 or so dollars from a lot of customers, and most of us are still saying all the variations are good deals.
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    I'd probably be watching a lot more youtube videos at work where a lot of websites are blocked by IT including youtube and shopping sites.

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