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Thread: Rogers to Hike Spending On Wireless Netowkr

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    Rogers to Hike Spending On Wireless Netowkr

    That’s good to hear. I just wish they’d show some love in parts of Vaughan, King, and especially Schomberg where it’s horrible. We have friends there and every time we visit, my wife complains because her phone is essentially a paperweight there. They got approval from the city to install a tower near the Tristan Centre several years ago and I don’t recall them facing any backlash from any NIMBYs so I have no idea why it was never done.

    Even at home she’s been complaining more than usual and she’s not one to care much. Maybe she’s getting closer to finally giving up on Rogers...I’ve been wanting to switch her to Telus for a while.

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    Its good to see that Rogers isn't going to effectively allow their business to be eaten up by Bellus. They should really build out and push for fixed wireless at the same time.

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