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Though perhaps not directly related to mobile this is nonetheless pretty big news for tech enthusiasts in Canada. TechSpot reports that Netlink Computers, Inc., more commonly known as NCIX, has officially declared itself bankrupt to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

I'm not sure how much of a household name NCIX would be for our American friends, but in Canada they've been a popular source for PC parts and other electronics, including unlocked smartphones. In 2011 yours truly ordered a custom-built PC from their Scarborough location (the one pictured above) and it was a thing of beauty—the technician who assembled it did a much better job with the cabling and such than I ever could.

NCIX was also directly responsible for launching the YouTube career of Linus Sebastian, who did product demos for the retailer before starting the Linus Tech Tips channel with fellow NCIX employee Luke Lafreniere.

Curiously, the online storefront looks like it's still accepting orders; currently the only place on the site where you can read about the bankruptcy is their user forums. If anyone reading this has an open order with NCIX my advice would be to file a chargeback with your credit card company ASAP.

Source: TechSpot