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Thread: Galaxy Note 4 is working, but the screen is always black, even during boot!

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    Galaxy Note 4 is working, but the screen is always black, even during boot!

    My phone (SM-N910V) was working fine when I went to bed last night. I laid it on my night stand and this morning I noticed I couldn't get the screen to light up. The blue LED was blinking like I had messages. The menu and back buttons light up when I press them, and I can even hear when someone is calling me, but because the screen will not light up, I can't answer. The phone screen is in near perfect condition, not a scratch or crack on it and I also have a cheap protective screen over it.

    Hoping it was just a glitch, I removed the battery and held the power button for about 45 seconds and powered it back on. Same thing, black screen during the entire boot process, no logos or anything. I also tried to boot it in safe mode with same results. There is only one time that the screen shows any signs of life and it only happens when I first power it on. In the top left corner for only a split second, where the usual "Bootloader is locked" message appears, it displays a small rectangle of colored artifacts inside that small message area.

    I assume the LCD went out, but I'm concerned it could also be related to the GPU or other hardware, and so don't want to spend a lot of money buying a LCD if it's something else. I can still connect it to the PC, so I'm hoping someone knows how I can test the hardware from the PC, or at least recommend something. Right now the phone is ringing and I have no idea who it is...this sucks!

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    might try reflash the stock firmware with odin see if that solves your issue

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