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And with only minor cosmetic damage—it's the one on the left.

An unlucky redditor on r/apple tells the harrowing tale of an AirPod that fell out of their ear, rolled right into the gap between an open elevator door and the 19th floor of a building and then tumbled 21 floors to the basement below. To Apple's engineering credit (or dumb luck) the hardware survived and still works without issue, but what I find amazing about this story is that the AirPod was recovered at all. Kudos to the elevator maintenance crew that assisted in the rescue.

For me the moral of this story is that the most alluring feature of truly wireless earbuds is also their biggest downfall. It's truly liberating to be able to listen to music completely unencumbered by wires, but should a bud become dislodged from your ear then there's nothing to protect it from a fall, either.

I had a similar, albeit much more minor accident the other day while walking through the University of Toronto campus. As a cold arctic wind suddenly picked up I instinctively raised the hood of my jacket to cover my head, and in so doing knocked both of my BOSE wireless earbuds out of my ears and onto the hard sidewalk below. The buds were undamaged, which was good, but I looked like an idiot as I scrambled to retrieve them, which was maybe not so good.

Welcome to the future, folks!

Source: reddit