Samsung S7

Since we moved to this campground my phone has constantly connected to the campground wifi($$). I have a Mobley and want to connect to that. I have tried to forget the campground wifi but the phone doesn't forget it. I thought I had a solution(worked for a while) in moving the Mobley closer to me. My thinking was the campground wifi was too powerful and was overwhelming the Mobley. That worked for about 5 weeks but I am now back to automatically getting onto the campground wifi. I can switch to the Mobley but the phone doesn't stay there.

I loaded a wifi manager app thinking that would be better at forgetting, it doesn't work on the campground wifi either. The "forget" option is grayed out.

I have used mifi for over a decade and have never encountered this problem before. My PC doesn't have this problem.

Another problem I am having is I turn off wifi to limit myself to the network and randomly wifi comes back on.

Any help would be appreciated.