Anyone have any experience with one? I just got it, and it's a mixed bag.

Fast run down in no particular order:

China phone, rugged small smart phone running Android6 with US 4G capability. Very solid feeling, good looking, couple extra buttons on the outside, one for the torch/flashlight (they can't seem to make up their mind what to call it) and one for the camera. Oddly both are near the bottom of the sides, which seems like an odd place, especially the camera. Also the flashlight button works a bit oddly, you can turn it on with the button, but off can only be done on screen. Also it no longer works until you leave the flashlight app, then it works fine. The camera button works the same way, but at least that doesn't feel all that weird there, after all, you expect to click to take a picture, not to turn the camera off.

The bad
Why does the system and built in apps take 7G? Yes, really.
Can't connect to my computer, it refuses to change in developer options, at best it'll say it is and has on the menu (it'll show the button pushed for MTP), but the debug options screen still shows charging and the computer doesn't see it.
Antutu score of 23869.
Not very touch responsive, not sure if that's the phone or the screen protector it came with.
Seems to have starting up issues, some restarts come up missing most of my apps, fixed by stopping Launcher3 then returning to the home screen, but I often wind up with 3+ extra icons of some apps that are on my SD card. Not sure how to fix that, new launcher? New SD card (using a 4G I had laying around)?

Overall I can live with it, I can use Telegram to move ring tones and other files to it, and everything important seems to work, the only thing I haven't tested is the hot spot feature, which is important to me.

I'll prolly post more about this one over at my Dreamwidth Journal later/tomorrow/next week/next year.