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Thread: Anyone else using a foreign SIM in US?

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    Anyone else using a foreign SIM in US?

    I'm a retired American migratory bird, living part time in Paris. I have a mobile plan ( from SFR there, which for the past two months has been used (roaming) in the US, replacing my domestic service. So far it's worked quite well; If others are doing something similar, I'd like to hear their experiences.

    VoIP home phones are my primary numbers; calls that pass spam filtering and do-not-disturb ring first at home. If not answered quickly, they forward to mobile (but can still be answered at home).


    Relatively low cost: Including some options and the additional cost of forwarding incoming calls to France vs. US, ~$27/mo.

    Flexible: Provides 'unlimited' talk and text to US, Canada and Europe, from any of those.

    Good data allowance: 15 GB/mo. is plenty for my needs. No throttling in any country, even when tethering.

    Great coverage: Roams in US on both AT&T and T-Mobile. You can switch manually or automatically.

    No spam: Thanks to better regulation and the high cost of calling EU mobiles, not a single spam or scam call yet.


    France caller ID: Except to frequent contacts that know better, I call with a VoIP app or DISA (displaying US home number), so someone returning a call from their history or voicemail log doesn't get hit for exorbitant call charges.

    France IP address: A few US sites are blocked or behave in an undesired manner. Workaround is a VPN server at home. Also, the added latency reduces speed somewhat, though it's still >20 Mbps in most locations.

    Wrong numbers: Only two such calls so far, but they came in the wee morning hours. Now using scheduled do-not-disturb.

    All experiences, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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    My french is a bit rusty, but I managed to get the gist of that link.
    I've roamed in the usa using sim cards from various countries, but akways prepaid which charge alot for calls and especialy data.
    $27 a month to forward your number seems like alot, maybe you can get a local virtual number that forwards to america, might save you some money.
    Watch your bill for suprise roaming costs.
    If you're going to spend months at a time in the states you might consider just getting a local sim so you can call people here cheaper and they can call you without international charges.
    Voip in my opinion is a low quality telecom provider and should be avoided.

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    Thanks for the reply. Perhaps my OP was not clear; $27/mo. is an estimated total, including the mobile plan. I pay SFR €18 monthly (€15 base + €2 for unlimited calls to US from France + €1 for unlimited calls to EU from France). That's about $21.60. Forwarding calls from my US 'landline' (the number my US contacts have) to the France mobile cost me $0.052/min. If I had a US mobile number, forwarding would cost $0.002/min., a difference of $0.05. I estimate that 100 min./mo. are forwarded that way on average, bringing the total to about $27.

    Outbound calls are not an issue -- the plan (with options) provides 'unlimited' calling to US/CA/Europe from any of those.

    I agree with your comment about being low quality, but I was using the word "VoIP" to mean Voice over Internet Protocol in general. My forwarding to France is currently using Voxbeam's Platinum route.

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