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Thread: CHEAP Upgrade from SGS5 AT&T

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    CHEAP Upgrade from SGS5 AT&T

    What would be a good upgrade from an SGS5 on AT&T for cheap. Has to be equivalent or better than SGS5 in every way... well it needs to be faster anyways.

    I'd honestly keep using the thing but it gets too slow/laggy at times and that annoys the crap outta me. Key important part is the camera. Also need SD card and ability to be in a battery case. It could be just like the SGS5, but FASTER.

    Maybe the new Samsung A8+? Not sure what price will be.

    Also this will be bought outright. No NEXT or anything.

    EDIT: Lol my old SIG
    iPhone 4 on AT&T:[/FONT][/SIZE]

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    I've seen dirt cheap S6's. That would meet the requirements other than the SD card. For that you could look for one with 128 gigs and the lack of an SD card shouldn't matter so much.

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