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Thread: Red Pocket Mobile auto pay is a nightmare

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    Red Pocket Mobile auto pay is a nightmare

    I ordered a month's service from Red Pocket in November 2017. However the SIM card did not work in my phone. I immediately called to cancel service. The representative agreed to cancel the service and to refund my credit card. And the refund came through OK.

    One month later my nightmare began. The agent had forgotten to also cancel my auto pay. Another charge appeared on my credit card. I phoned, the agent apologized, arranged a refund, and assured me the auto pay would be cancelled and all would be well.

    The next day, along with my refund email, I received emails for three separate further charges. Since then, I have received a new charge per day for the past 11 days! Each time I phone, the agent is sympathetic, apologetic, arranges a refund and ASSURES me that no further auto payment charges will occur....and STILL THEY DO! They will not transfer me to a supervisor.

    I'm at my wit's end trying to put an end to this. They have assured me many times that they have 'escalated' the problem to the technical department. I have left a call back number several times asking someone to call me. No-one calls.

    Apparently VISA can only dispute posted charges. They cannot put a stop on them coming in.

    All I can say to anyone considering going with Red Pocket Mobile is: NEVER, EVER SIGN UP FOR AUTO PAY. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

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    Why haven't you cancelled your credit card? That puts an immediate stop to this kind of be.

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