Hi there. I recently got this priv that is locked to at&t from an ebay seller with over 30k sales so I assume what they do is legit. The phone was sold as manufacture refurbed and unlocked. I told them it is locked to at&t and they have said return the phone at their cost or get it unlocked locally at their cost. I decided to use attunlockcodes.com. They have said it is not on the at&t database, so are trying the blackberry database, which will take 7-10 business days.
This seems a bit long, especially this time of year with a boy eagerly awaiting to be able to use his new phone. I have also contacted at&t and they say that the phone needs to be paid off before unlocking. However they won't tell me how much cause the account is not in my name. Any info on these guys would be good or someone that could do it, possibly even physically (located in New Zealand).

Cheers and festive greetings