Hi, I wonder if anybody succeeds in putting the wear24 smartwatch onto their verizon plan recently? I know verizon discontinued this watch but supposedly you still can add it to the plan to function independently as a voice+data device (no need to pair with a phone). Unless it is no longer the case and no one from Verizon knew anything about it. No one from their tech support team can help me. Here was what I did.

I got two new Wear24's from ebay for my niece and nephew. I called and gave verizon the imei and iccid of each so they can add two smartwatch lines onto my plan. I then set them up according to the instructions (which really are just pairing them with a smartphone- I cannot find any specific instructions on how to set the watches up to function independently)

And then I am just stuck there. The watches will not be able to make and receive calls using their own lines (when I turned off the bluetooth connection to my phone). I am using whatever native calling app that is in the watch if it makes any difference (it always demands to be connected to the phone to dial out). In the setting it shows that they are connected to the verizon network with their own phone numbers and everything seems correct. If I call the watches' numbers, I will get the error from verizon "the wireless customer you call is not available at this time"

I cannot tell if it is an issue with the watches or an error on verizon's end. I am stumped and really need help. I sincerely appreciate any advice.

PS: If this makes any difference: I have verizon unlimited and the fee for each watch's line is $5 for voice+data (I thought it was $10, $5 is for data only but they told me it was $5 with my plan).