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Thread: Moving Billing Dates

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    Thank you. I stand corrected. There was PIN and RTR. I was looking at PIN.
    Looks like the GoPhone had a name change. Went to their site and found "AT&T PREPAID (formerly GoPhone)".

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbhank View Post
    " There are no Social Security payments on a specific date of the month. "
    Yes there are. If you have direct deposit or Direct Express.
    All Social Security payments are either direct deposit or Direct Express for those who have no banking relationship. They have moved away from mailing checks. The availability of funds is determined by the individual bank.
    Earl F. Parrish

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    Quote Originally Posted by CallmeJake View Post
    Calling Mart price is $43.65 for the $45 plan. Go Phone or AT&T Prepaid are the same plans. Lots of posts from people saving money with AT&T Prepaid using Calling Mart.
    At the moment, CallingMart is $40.50 for the $45 plan since there's a 10% off promotion going on.

    And, yes, the discounted rates work with PINs. I bought two PINs, one $75 PIN and an extra $10 PIN for $76.50 yesterday to ensure there were no problems with my initial multi-line setup.

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