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Thread: Anyone have the LG G6 US997 US Cellular version? Locked? Bloatware? SW updates?

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    Anyone have the LG G6 US997 US Cellular version? Locked? Bloatware? SW updates?

    Anyone have the LG G6 US997 (US Cellular) version?

    I am trying to figure out whether there are 2 versions. A SIM locked US Cellular version and an unlocked one. I have not seen any definitive answer on this. But according to the US Cellular device unlocking policy...

    4G LTE Devices
    All 4G LTE devices launched by U.S. Cellular on or after February 1, 2016 are sold unlocked.

    The LG G6, which is a 4G LTE device, was introduced in 2017. Does this mean that all LG G6 phones purchased from US Cellular are SIM unlocked?

    Also... Verizon and AT&T LG phones come loaded with carrier bloatware. Is this the case for the US Cellular US997 as well?

    How about SW updates? Do unlocked US Cellular phones still get SW updates?

    The LG G6 hits the price/feature sweetspot for me. I would rather have an unlocked, bloatware free version for use with Cricket (I know I won't get all LTE bands).

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    Are you an Amazon prime customer? I've been using the Prime edition on cricket and very happy. I don't think uninstalled anything because I would want Amazon shopping app and Kindle anyway. Don't remember what else was on it. It used to have lockscreen ads but Amazon stopped doing that.

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    Anyone need US LG stock firmware .KDZ download from

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