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Thread: Are online casinos always a scam?

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    Are online casinos always a scam?

    I'm just curious, saw so many advertisements of them that it's really interesting to know. Is it possible at all to win money in such online games? Can anyone share with their experience?
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    I'm a player but not a crazy one, it's just one of other hobbies for me. And what I can say... No, not all of them are scam, there are many online casinos in which you can win money. But before starting to play you should remember that main goal of such games is making money from you, not giving you a chance to become rich so the opposite expectations in this case are really funny And game is always a luck so concentrating only on money, not the fun from general process will always dissapoint you. Besides prizes in case of online casinos are usually really small, for example, in my case the biggest amount of money I've ever won was 50$ and I can say that it's a good prize in general. Of course sometimes people win much bigger amounts of money but that happens really rare and I noticed earlier why.
    And yeah, you can really win smth only if it's a safe casino, not a scam and there many of them, however using some special tips will help you to avoid such bad ones. For example, experienced players usually use big, tested web catalogs with various types of such games and always check reviews and rank about the certain ones. You should pay attention on date of casino's creation too, it it was made not so long ago, then it's a great possibility that it's a scam. Testing customers support firstly is important too, as also their payment methods and general terms and rules. Personally I always make questions in additions, if I don't understand smth, it's really better than having problems later with your money and credit cards. There are special articles with more useful tips for new players, read them carefully before starting your own game.
    Also I can recommend as the safe ones Sloty, Guts and Highroller casinos, I play them for a long time and I've never had any problems with them. Good luck if you want to try too!
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