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Thread: First Bill Accounting - Details - Prorated - 5W's

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    First Bill Accounting - Details - Prorated - 5W's

    Curiously, there's no thread I could dig up talking about this. Only a couple on final bill.

    Man this forum is dead. Most of the results were from 2015 & earlier.

    Anyway, Kia Ora to those who know.

    We just activated & our first bill showed up. It some questions I had about 'billing systems' & 'cycles'.

    Anyone care to explain what determines how many days you get charged on your 'prorated' period?

    I thought it was usually a couple days or a week. Our bill has pretty much the entire month, and then a full month on top., haha. Our bill turned into a municipal utility bi-monthly bill.


    Btw., that heatwave...yep, you're welcome. We brought it back with us from vacation. I made it hope in my flip flops.
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    I had a week. I signed up November 18th and my billing cycle started the 25th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwitchyPuppy View Post
    I had a week. I signed up November 18th and my billing cycle started the 25th.

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    Same to me, so they charged me for those 5 days plus the full next month.

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