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Thread: Red Pocket AT&T vs Red Pocket Verizon-any difference in annual plans

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurbineSeaplane View Post
    Just your experience and thoughts.

    I just personally can't stand it when latency gets to that point where people are talking over each other and interrupting and missing what each are saying, etc.
    You must be very sensitive to audio delay latency or live in a location where there is an unusual level of it. I have never noticed a latency problem on any cell or landline service I have used. VOIP services are a different matter. The standard of what is perceived as good quality by the majority is up to 600 ms round-trip delay.

    I ran some latency tests on the services I have recently. I don't currently have T-Mobile voice service to test them.

    Latency test calls to echo number 909-390-0003
    Note: The echo service is in California. I am on the East coast. That probably adds ~160 ms traversing the country twice. The echo
    service itself may add about 10 ms. All numbers milliseconds (ms) Round-Trip Delay (RTD).

    Using Cell Service
    AT&T using cell service with Google Voice 766
    AT&T using cell service 600
    Verizon using cell service 444
    Sprint using cell service with Google Voice 700
    Sprint using cell service 337

    Using VOIP service
    Obi ATA using cable Internet 560
    Freedompop on Wifi 560
    Freedompop on AT&T mobile data 810 - 1100
    Hangouts on Wifi 980
    Hangouts on AT&T mobile data 1000

    Subtracting out the presumed 170 ms cross country and echo service delays to estimate what more local calls would be like:

    Using Cell Service
    AT&T using cell service with Google Voice 596
    AT&T using cell service 430
    Verizon using cell service 274
    Sprint using cell service with Google Voice 530
    Sprint using cell service 167

    Using VOIP service
    Obi ATA using cable Internet 390
    Freedompop on Wifi 390
    Freedompop on AT&T mobile data 640 - 930
    Hangouts on Wifi 810
    Hangouts on AT&T mobile data 830

    These measurements are not guesses by counting one Mississippi or tapping a stopwatch app. They were recorded and measured using the
    Audacity audio recording program. There is a small estimation factor in determining where the audio waveform starts - something like +/-
    5 ms.

    This is just a quick overview based on one test for each service at my home on one afternoon. Would the latency be better for the tests
    using mobile data in a location with better LTE signal? Probably.

    The clear winner was Sprint. Go figure. Sprint wouldn't do anyone much good if there is not coverage where one lives, works, plays, and
    the routes in between. We know they do not have that in many areas of the country.

    Another take-away is that using cell service with the Google Voice app adds 166-363 ms to the RTD.

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    I believe RP-V starts counting the minutes immediately after you press send while RP-A does it after the caller answers. Also read RP-V international calling requires you to dial their international access # first while the other 3 allows direct calling

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    Pretty sure ATT starts counting when ringing starts & does allow direct dialing. Call quality has also improved as of mid February when the calling plans changed.

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