has anyone actually adopted the sd card on the samsung grand prime on5 metro pcs sm-530t1 phone? i did get the sm-550t1 to root and adopt the storage yesterday after weeks of trying. but i don't want to spend weeks messing with this one. i have odin and if it can be down i may have to instal twrp on it. i tried that today but it did not work so i must have the wrong twrp program. or it just can't be down. this phone has 5.1.1 on it snd now i'm learning that you can't adopt unless you have 6.0 so it is getting very confusing to me. i read before the android made it possible to adopt in ktikat and then in lollipop but now they are saying marshmallow. so maybe one here can say for sure.

or can i upgrade the os from 5.1.1 to 6.0 ? on the sm-530t1 from metro pcs. if so where are the instructions that work located?

or can o root this phone and install twrp and any other files on the phone and then get it to adopt the sd card? any help is welcome. thanks