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Thread: Unlocked Moto E4 - IMEI coming up unvalid (after unlocking)

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    Unlocked Moto E4 - IMEI coming up unvalid (after unlocking)

    I unlocked one of these (which I personally bought at Walmart) and sold it to someone. The buyer just emailed me stating that he had been on the phone much of the day with Straight Talk and Verizon, and that the IMEI number for the phone comes up invalid.
    Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

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    Ineligible or invalid? Ineligible would mean the IMEI is a valid IMEI, but the phone is ineligible to be activated on Straight Talk. Invalid would mean the IMEI isn't even a legitimate IMEI, which is hard to imagine a vendor like Verizon knowing (for every conceivable IMEI and phone in the universe).

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