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Thread: Some Apps disappeared when I rebooted my Android Sharp Z2

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    Some Apps disappeared when I rebooted my Android Sharp Z2

    Hello all,
    i use Sharp Z2. I installed these apps 3 days ago, I rebooted my phone yesterday, Now I can't find it in installed apps. My Phone is not in "Safe Mode". please help me, I don't want to reset my phone 😢

    Same with

    "Facebook(com.facebook.katana)", "Facebook messenger(com.facebook.orca)", "Facebook lite(com.facebook.lite)"....

    Here is the picture that I can't install it from play store
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    Here is the picture when I'm trying to install apk. Btw, i download fb app and messenger apk from some websites so i have tried many apk but still got the same error. Here is the picture (i just share error when i install fb lite but all above got the same problem)
    Name:  2.JPG
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    Please help,


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    Is install from Unknown Sources enabled?
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