I wanted to share my recent experience with my new KeyOne. Most reviews seem to laud the call quality of this device, but in my case I experienced a significant loss in call quality, as well as network dropping calls and failing to connect vs. the previous Moto X handset it replaced.

The situation was resolved after several calls to Verizon and finally getting to a tech who was willing to dig through some posts on crackberry and figure out how to access the advanced calling menu, which was disabled by default (the phone was bought unlocked from an online authorized BB retailer). After adjusting the TCP/IP calling settings, the phone now has reasonably decent call quality and reliability similar to other handsets being used on Verizon's network.

It required something to be turned on via Verizon's system and on the user end typing in a #* code, but I unfortunately don't remember what it was.

Just thought I'd share this in case anyone is troubleshooting call quality with their KeyOne.