I am specifically looking at using one of the NOVT1114V Home Mifi things as primarily data backup for when the other two ISP's fail. Similar routing of cables, and loss of power and you are screwed.

My needs for the voice part are sort of specific. fax support. The "NEW" version says its supports G3 Fax. Any one done it? 14.4K G3 Support? Work??? Issues?

It might be away to recoup the monthly cost of this if I port a phone line to it and drop it, but it needs fax. I know it says doesn't support "medical" things, but if it can do fax, although this may be a T.38 over celluar thing for fax, it might work on this phone home thing for a medical device.

Plans? I have the Unlimited Go , I've seen that won't fly with this device, at least online wise unless I suppose you activated a SIM and swapped or something??? Get a SmartTalk SIM? since it wouldn't move, it not working in some of VZW's "partner zones" like western KY is not a big deal.

I'd really like to keep the cost on this as cheap as possible since 90% of the time its going to sit there doing not much, especially data wise. Even if I got it to replace a phone line, which is mostly just fax, still it needs to be cheap.

Comments any one?

FAX works? Reliable?