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Thread: Acer "Chromepad" Breaks Cover

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    Post Acer "Chromepad" Breaks Cover

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    What we're looking at here is an unannounced Acer tablet—photographed, tweeted, then deleted by an attendee at a London trade show. What makes this particular tablet different than all the other Android tablets currently on the market is that its actually not running Android at all, but instead a touch-friendly version of Chrome OS.

    According to Liliputing's Brad Linder, a Chrome OS-powered tablet (or "Chromepad") offers a number of advantages over a similar form factor running Android:

    • Faster boot speeds
    • Free-floating, resizable windows
    • Support for Chrome browser extensions
    • More advanced browser tools including developer tools, a task manager, and a powerful bookmark manager
    • 5 years of software and security updates delivered by Google rather than the PC maker
    All this plus full support for Android apps, just like the Android tablet you're using/not using now.

    Unfortunately it's entirely unknown if Acer is actually planning on bringing this device to market, or if it's just a one-off proof of concept for internal use. Whatever the case, it's certainly an intriguing idea.

    Source: Liliputing (1) (2)
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    Yeah I saw that yesterday and thought it was interesting.

    I bought a Samsung 3 Chromebook on Thanksgiving and was very pleased that I can use my Google Play apps which I would have had to do some finagling to use on an older Chromebook that I have.

    My main interest in Chromebooks was that they are more than a tablet and a bit less than my big workhorse laptop.

    I have tablets but I just don't get the use from them that I should because I find them to be annoying since I like an actual physical keyboard over a touch screen if I'm going to be using it for more than half an hour or so.

    If I'm going to be just reading/watching and scrolling a tablet is okay.

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    Not a bad idea, my often not used Chromebook is simply being not used because it's too bulky to carry around with me everywhere, a tablet would make that a non issue. Here's to hoping it goes into production

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    Oh, so Google can offer 5 years of security and software updates for ChromeOS but not for Android? Could it be possible that they are trying hard to gain customers and manufacturers to buy into the concept....and then drop the updates part -same as with phones?
    I used to preach Android until the last 3 phones got 2 software updates only and spotty security updates (later ones) I just despise them as much as Apple.
    The almighty dollar...

    PS....yes, I know the manufacturers and carriers bear part of the blame, but that only means that the model is flawed.

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    I think I will totally pass on this. With Android I can limit google's incessant vacuuming of the intimate details of my life, mostly. With Chrome, everything is monitored and there is no way around that.

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