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I go to the T-Mobile store, I ask for the BOGO
Why would you ask for BOGO from the store? That's the question.

At the store, the offer would only require you to do the following: (copy and pasted from the T-mobile website---link provided earlier)

"Port in a number from a non-T-Mobile provider to one of the phone lines that purchased a new device.

Purchase both smartphones on the same account through our 24-month no interest Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) with 0% APR.

Pay the required down payments and taxes at the time of purchase for each smartphone.

Trade in a qualifying device:

Apple iPhone 7, 7Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 5s, Samsung Galaxy S7, GS7 edge, GS7 Active, GS4, GS5, GS6, GS6 edge, GS6 edge+, GS6 active, Note4, Note5, LG G6, LG V20, LG G5"

That's it. That all you would have to do at the store. No need to argue with anyone about anything else. If you would actually read the terms, you would see that the store doesn't need to be in agreement that you're getting a BOGO rebate. They are simply doing the steps above. That's it.

I ask for the BOGO they ask me what carrier im on, should I lie
Of course you wouldn't lie. You would give them the number that you're porting in, tell them whatever carrier you're porting from and depending on the carrier you may have to provide additional info such as the account PIN so that the port will go through successfully.

And then take a $700 risk that I go online wait for rebate and get denied.
If you follow the terms on their website, there is no risk.