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Thread: Nokia 8800 Help, Please

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    Nokia 8800 Help, Please

    I have a Gold Nokia 8800 which I need help with.

    I have put my sim in using the sim holder so it fit.

    When I turn the phone on the EE logo shows on the screen as do the battery and signal indicators.

    I can also access my contacts list.

    I cannot receive or make calls, though.

    Can anybody help?
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance.


    PS Can you identify which one I have.

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    That phone was originally released in 2007 from what I was able to determine. I believe it runs on 2G networks that most carriers in the US have discontinued use.

    I think you have a pretty paperweight that lights up and that's about all you can do with it now.
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    All is not lost....Vodafone wont be switching off 2g & 3G until 2025 so I may get some(nostalgic) use out of it

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Timeless phone, but depending on your carrier you might not be able to receive or answer phone calls.
    The phone will always boot into the system fine, but if you cannot make calls its probably something to do with the carriers bands and compatible bands on the phone.

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