I got my mother a Big Easy Plus A383G and signed her up for SafeLink service weeks ago. They said they would send a sim card out and I specifically requested AT&T because T-Mobile didn't work in her house, well you guessed it they sent a T-Mobile sim.

I contacted them through chat about the mistake and they said they would send a AT&T sim which they did. I just received the sim and they sent one that's to big. The phone requires a nano sim and this one is bigger.

I just contacted through chat again and after going back and forth the rep tells me to go buy a byop sim and any Tracfone AT&T sim will work.

I was under the impression SafeLink used a different sim. Had I known this I would have purchased one in the first place and it would have been activated weeks already.

My questions are, is the rep correct in all I need is a AT&T BYOP SIM? and if she is correct where is the best place to get one?