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Thread: Low cost hotspot options

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    Low cost hotspot options

    I plan on traveling to an area my primary carriers data is weak (US Cellular) and want to know what would be the lowest cost option for a dedicated hotspot. Att and Verizon work where I am going. I would need a dedicated hotspot device as well so what would be the best low cost option? FreedomPop is out due to prior issues with charges and deactivating my sims from those charges.

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    I don't see it on their website any more, but at one time Selectel sold a hotspot and plan that ran on the Verizon network. Where I work we purchased one for use at trade shows and special events. They might still have them available. We pay $20 for a GB of data that's good for 30 days. We only use it once in a while so I just call Selectel and re-activate it with a new phone number when we're going to use it. It works only as well as the VZW signal where you're using it.
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    Puppy Wireless has:
    "4G LTE 3GB Hotspot $35 per month which includes 3GB of 4G Data"
    on Verizon.

    I do not know any details.

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    Don't let an ATT store convince you that their unlimited talk text data monthly prepaid can be used as a hotspot. Just something that happened to me a few months ago and wasted some funds.

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