Activate Your New Cricket Service Directly from Your Phone

We just made switching to a simple, smarter wireless service even easier. With Cricket Breeze-Thru, you can now buy a new Cricket device or Universal SIM card kit, pick from one of our affordable rate plans and start talking, texting or surfing the web in minutes.

It’s available at national retail outlets like Amazon, Target or Walmart.

You no longer need to call customer service or go online to activate your new device. Cricket Breeze-Thru is a service setup experience like no other. Once you power up and set up your device, you will receive a text from Cricket with a link to the easy setup process.

Cricket Breeze-Thru walks you through service activation in just a few steps. And, there’s no hassle in finding an internet connection thanks to Cricket’s 4G LTE network.

If you want to switch to Cricket and keep your current smartphone, simply purchase a Universal SIM card kit and walk through the simple setup process.

What you need to use Cricket Breeze-Thru:

Universal SIM card kit
GSM-compatible unlocked smartphone
Copy of current wireless bill (if you want to transfer your number)
Debit/credit card, Cricket Refill Card or Service Payment Card to pay for your first month's service