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Thread: LG G5 H830 (T-Mobile) work on SafeLink?

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    LG G5 H830 (T-Mobile) work on SafeLink?

    I'm considering buying an LG G5 H830 used phone on ebay. I understand the H830 model is locked to T-Mobile.

    I currently am using a Motorola G4 Plus successfully on SafeLink, and the underlying carrier is T-Mobile. Will the H830 work on SafeLink?

    In general, will a phone that is clean, not pre-paid, but locked to T-Mobile work on SafeLink? Or does it only work if you buy your plan directly from T-Mobile?

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    I should think that if the new phone is acceptable to T-Mobile (clean history, not locked to another sub-carrier, etc.), then all you would have to do is insert the current sim into the new phone.

    I am just speculating here.

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